Keeping Your Home Pest Free All year round.

Keeping Your North Central Florida Home Pest Free

Pests never rest and try to get into your home year-round!

Bugs and rodents need shelter, moisture and food and are attracted to your house because it is also a warm, safe-haven from other natural predators. Insects and rodents are not only irritating, they cause physical damage to your home and possessions, spread germs, irritate allergies and downright make you feel uncomfortable. Insects and other pests can enter your home by a crack as small as 1/64 of an inch and from other entrances like pipes, wires and even through window seals!

Use some of the tips below to keep your home pest free year round:

Pest Free Tips

By doing some simple things around your home and the help of Live Oak Pest Control your home can be virtually pest free year-round! Click below to download our 10 Most Common Rodent Entry Point infographic.

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  • Fix any leaky faucets inside & outside your home.
  • Leaky faucets inside & outside your home is a pests paradise.

  • Do not put open garbage cans under your sink.
  • Open garbage cans under the sink act as a magnet for flies, rodents, roaches and ants.

  • Store food in properly sealed containers.
  • Food that is not sealed tight or properly stored can attract roaches, weevils & mice.

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Dirty dishes left in your sink overnight, let roaches thrive! Remember most roaches are nocturnal; that is awake at night.

  • Do not leave out pet food bowls all day & all night.
  • If you leave your pet food bowls out all day & night it is like an open invitation for unwanted guests.

  • Keep the area around your outside trash cans clean. Bleach your trash cans every few months.
  • Outdoor trash bins are bug and fly treasures! Keep the area around your trash cans clean and bleach them out every so often to keep the odor down. The bugs are attracted to the smell.

  • Fix any broken or cracked attic screens.
  • Broken or cracked attic screens will allow the pests to move into your home.

  • Properly seal your attic and crawl space.
  • Improperly sealed attics and crawl spaces can become a new home to spiders and other pests!

  • Foam around any gaps between plumbing pipes and walls.
  • Any small gap between plumbing pipes and walls are a real problem! If mice can get their nose through the hole, the rest of their body will follow. They can squeeze through holes the size of dimes!

  • If your roof leaks or you have a blocked gutter, fix them.
  • A leaking roof or blocked gutter is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Keep your lawn mowed & plants around your home trimmed.
  • Rodents and other pests can get into your home by the tall grass or yard debris.

  • Keep piles of firewood around 20 feet away from your home!
  • Piles of firewood near your home can attract ants and termites! Not to mention it could be a fire hazard.

Download our infographic now

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