Complete Pest Control Servicesin North Central Florida Since 1972.

North Central Florida Pest Control Service Options

Pest Control Service Options

Whether we provide pest control services for you one time, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually each program is customized to fit your needs. Our highly trained pest specialists work with you to determine the best course of action to exterminate and prevent pests from returning to your home.
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Residential Pest Control Services in North Central Florida

Home Pest Control

The way you live is different from your neighbors, which is why we at Live Oak Pest Control customize programs designed to eliminate and treat pest issues in and around your North Central Florida home. We use the best, newest and safest methods available for professional pest control.
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commercial pest control North Central Florida

Business Pest Control

We use the most superior, safe and effective pest control methods and our highly trained Pest Specialists recognize the importance of dependability, professionalism and proficiency in their service to our business customers. Live Oak Pest Control is a family owned business serving fourteen counties in North Central Florida.
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lawn pest control services North Central Florida

Lawn Pest Control

Your yard is more than just the grass you mow it's also your social statement, your private getaway, your entertainment space and where your pets and children play. Live Oak Pest Control's Lawn Pest Control and Care Services help you keep your lawn healthy & safe all year round.
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termite pest control & prevention

Termite Control & Prevention

Termites and their colonies live deep in the ground or hidden inside wooden structures like walls and support timbers so they can be difficult to detect. Our Termite Pest Specialists are trained in termite inspection, identification and prevention to identify warning signs, treat current termite problems and prevent future infestations.
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ArborJet® Tree Treatment

One of the newest developments in Arboriculture and tree health care is tree trunk injection treatments through the ArborJet® program to treat tree pests. ArborJet® is an effective pest control trunk injection treatment for trees as an alternative to spraying or soil applications.
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