Carpenter Bees Xylocopa species.

carpenter bees

Color: a bluish-black, green and purple metallic sheen on its abdomen with a yellow fuzzy head. They lack yellow stripes
Size: 1"
Shape: oval; bee shape
Legs: 6

(photo to the left courtesy of: Flickr user Slomoz Photographer: Marvin Smith)


Carpenter bees are found throughout the United States including North Central Florida. They live in soft woods and females bore holes through it to lay eggs and protect their larvae as they develop.

Carpenter bees are not social and are often found by itself. They can be found in drilling holes in the eaves of houses and garages, wooden porches and structures.

They prefer cedar, redwood, and cypress and will attack most other species of wood such as pine and even pressure treated wood.

Self-Prevention Techniques

Carpenter bees often prefer bare and stained wood; not painted. Try painting wood if you are experiencing a bee problem. Before painting the wood make sure to plug up any existing holes with wood putty. Do not fill an existing hole that has a bee in it; wait until it leaves or apply insecticide to make it back out.

Sometimes carpenter bees will attack painted wood and in that case contact our highly trained Pest Specialists for assistance.


Male carpenter bees do not have a stinger rather a constant buzzing sound. Carpenter bees are not a threat to humans rather they damage wood structures.

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