Red Imported Fire Ants Solenopsis invicta.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Color: dark reddish-brown
Size: 1/8" - 3/8"
Shape: oval; segmented
Legs: 6

(photo to the left courtesy of: Flickr user Marufish)

Also see Carpenter Ants


Fire ants generally build their nest in soil that is located near structural foundations and in lawns. Mainly these Red Imported Fire Ants are found outdoors however they can enter structures through AC units.

Their nests are dome-shaped made from soil and generally located within lawns and landscapes.

Red Imported Fire Ants are invasive and can be found in all Florida counties and southern United States. Fire ants are found in the following North Central Florida counties: Suwannee, Columbia, Hamilton, Lafayette, Gilchrist, Madison, Alachua, Levy, Dixie, Taylor, Leon, Jefferson, Baker, Union

Self-Prevention Techniques

To keep Red Imported Fire Ants from entering your home make sure all cracks and crevices, inside and out are properly sealed.

If Fire Ants enter your home, make sure there are not piles of dirty laundry because sometimes they are attracted to the smell. They often will eat sweets, proteins and fats in the kitchen.

They are often attracted to electrical junction boxes (for AC, sprinkler systems, etc.) and the point box on your well so make sure to check these areas often.


When their nest is provoked, Red Imported Fire Ants will come out and attack in large numbers. Fire ant bites are painful, itchy and will often leave a raised welt that has puss inside.

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