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Fall Fertilizing

The days are getting cooler and we're entering Fall, which is an important season to take care of your North Central Florida lawn; Now is the time to fertilize and give your lawn some TLC (tender, love and care). Fall fertilizing and lawn care is vital for preparing your turf for the cold winter months as well as the spring. The fall and winter seasons allow your lawn to recuperate and get ready for the demanding spring and summer months.

It is very important to fertilize your lawn this fall especially here in North Central Florida where we have had an abundance of rain that has caused a lot of nutrients in your lawn to wash away. It is imperative that these nutrients are replenished before winter so that your lawn continues to grow during winter. Timing is also essential, make sure to fertilize between mid-September and mid-October as this is the transition period from summer to winter for new and current growth. Fall fertilizing will allow the turf to store significant amounts of food (nutrients) needed to produce healthy roots over the next 60 days and to sustain it during winter.

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Live Oak Pest Control offers year round lawn care that includes lawn spraying and fertilizing. Of course, any of our lawn care plans will be tailored to fit your needs, even our on-call treatments. Live Oak Pest Control's fall fertilizing application contains a special blend of nutrients that is intended to enhance overall root growth so that grass is better prepared for the cold winter months.

Let one of our Lawn Pest Specialists prepare your lawn for winter by calling Live Oak Pest Control today at (386) 362-3887.

We don't just use any fertilizer on your lawn; we use what is best for your type of turf! Our fertilizer uses the right combination of nitrogen and magnesium (phosphorus if needed) to promote a healthy beautiful lawn in the spring.

Important Fall Lawn Care Tips:

Keep mowing your lawn as long as the grass is actively growing. North Central Florida lawns should probably grow for a few more weeks (until mid-October). On your last mow before winter, remember to leave the height of your lawn about 2 - 2.5" tall for the best winter results.

Watering your lawn is still vital at this point in time; don't stop watering it until around Thanksgiving. Afterwards you should water your lawn once a week. Note: on cold days and nights that freeze warnings are in effect, make sure to watch your sprinkler system and never allow water run off of the turf when it freezes; this is very bad and can possibly cause turf to die.

Now is the perfect time to get rid of all the weeds in your yard and garden. Weeds such as dandelions and clovers (see December 2013 POTM: Weeds) are currently preparing for the winter by moving nutrients and starches from its leaves to its roots. While the nutrients are being relocated to the roots so is herbicides (if they have been used); this is an even more effective way of killing the weed. (source: U of IL)

Now (September) is the perfect time to plant new grass seed. (source: U of IL)

Let one of our Lawn Pest Specialists prepare your lawn for winter by calling Live Oak Pest Control today at (386) 362-3887.

Flowers You Can Plant This Month:

September: Hardy mums and digitalis, pansy, petunia, Shasta daisy, and snapdragon.

October: Begin planting winter and spring annuals for best growth and flowering. Transplants and seed are available at neighborhood garden supply stores. Be sure to plant hardy annuals that will take cold winter weather in North Central Florida. Choices include: digitalis, pansy, petunia, Shasta daisy, and snapdragon.

November: carnation, digitalis, pansy, petunia, Shasta daisy, and snapdragon. (source: K&V)

Tip: Using an organic mulch such as pine straw is a great choice to protect new and existing plants from the cold winter months. Homeowners, landscapers and garden center across the United States choose our friends at Custom Pine Straw for all their pine straw needs.

Let one of our Lawn Pest Specialists prepare your lawn for winter by calling Live Oak Pest Control today at (386) 362-3887.

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