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Asian Cockroaches

What are Asian Cockroaches & what causes them?

Asian Cockroaches are rural and suburban pests that can be hard to get rid of! According to the University of Florida as much as 30,000 to 250,000 Asian Cockroaches have been found on one acre of land. They are almost identical to German Cockroaches and that's where the similarities end. The only physical difference between the two is a small segment (about 1/8") in the abdomen and a small glad in the males. (photo to the left courtesy of:, Photographer: Barry Fitzgerald)

The Asian Cockroach is native to Japan and was introduced to the United States due to international travel and exporting goods. It was introduced as a new species (pest) in Polk County Florida in 1986 due to a large infestation. In 1987, a worse infestation was found in Hillsborough County Florida. Since then the Asian Cockroach has spread throughout the gulf coast states and the entire southeastern United States. Asian cockroaches thrive in tropical and sub tropical climates. It can be common to find thousands of Asian roaches in various life cycle stages in a pile of leaves throughout the warmer months. Cockroaches are actually one of the only creatures that can be found on some of the coldest places on earth as well as hottest!

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General Appearance

While most of the time German Cockroaches are found inside the home, Asian Cockroaches are found outside the home in the mulch of flower beds. They will also nest in dense grass or grass clippings left behind during mowing. Asian Cockroaches are become active at night and are attracted to light-colored surfaces and brightly lit areas.

  • Are almost 1/2" long and narrow wings (compared to the German Cockroach)
  • Are lighter in color than German Cockroaches;
  • Are a lighter brown color and have two parallel lines that run along their abdomen.
  • Are adept and strong fliers.
  • Species are wild as well as domestic.
  • Are attracted to light colored surfaces and brightly lit areas.
  • Are the only cockroach that is attacted to light.
  • Will eat almost anything and when they find a good place to eat they tell their swarm.
  • Scientists have let the Asian cockroach mate with the German cockroach in a lab setting. They produced viable offspring which can fly and reproduce. This hybridization is rare among cockroaches and is an indication of the closely related nature of these two species (Texas A&M).
  • Cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs.

Also listen to recorded radio interviews with Roy Crain Jr. discussing this month's pest.


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  • Asian Cockroaches can be seen during the day and night; most of the time they are seen at night
  • Asian Cockroaches are attracted to light colored and brightly lit surfaces
  • Asian Cockroaches can enter a dwelling through a lighted doorway or window


  • Asian Cockroaches can be found almost everywhere but they are normally found in abundance where they are shaded areas with fallen leaves or where there is ground cover.
  • Shaded areas along side of pastures.
  • Along shaded road sides in leaf mulch.
  • Shaded areas of thick grass.
  • Ground cover of abandoned citrus groves.
  • Any outside light at night will attract Asian roaches; when you open the door they will scurry in or fly off the door into your house (they prefer to be outside).


Asian Cockroach populations are beginning to peak since we are beginning summer. As the weather cools, their population will lessen. Asian Cockroach control can be difficult due to their mobility and abundance of population sites. Traditional treatments are mostly ineffective due to numerous infestations. Traditional treatment is also harder because Asian Cockroaches try to stay out of areas where German Cockroaches live and are controlled.

We have several Asian Cockroach treatment options to choose from; give us a call today at (386) 362-3887 if you are experiencing an infestation and to discuss treatment options.

There are a number of ways to reduce the amount of Asian Cockroaches around your home. One way is to change the exterior lighting to the yellow 'BUG' lights. Bug lights can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. Also close your blinds and drapery at night because these pests love lights and bright things such as TV's. Make sure there aren't piles of leaves or yard debris by your house as Asian roaches like to nest in them.

An important step to making sure your house isn't vulnerable to Asian Cockroaches is it to check all door thresholds and make sure they are sealed properly; the best time to do this is at night. Turn off the inside light and have someone stand outside and shine a flashlight around the edge of the door. If you can see light on the inside your threshold is NOT sealing properly. Door seals for most doors can be found in your local home improvement store.

Listen to recorded radio interviews with Roy Crain Jr. discussing this month's pest.

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