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One customer recently called us:
“We have Spanish moss that is strangling our beautiful oak trees and creating a lot of extra weight … It appears it’s spreading to nearby plants now too! HELP, how do I stop the moss from taking over and killing my trees and plants?”

To most Floridians Spanish moss is just a part of our everyday landscape draped over old Live Oak trees, swaying in the wind… it’s what makes North Florida home. Spanish moss can seem to appear out of nowhere adding that relaxed, laid back feeling to our small towns.

However, Spanish moss can quickly become a nuisance to your trees and landscape – multiplying and growing quickly with a wet growing season. In a previous blog:
10 Fascinating Facts About Spanish Moss, we mentioned that it’s not Spanish or a moss at all; it’s an epiphyte meaning Spanish moss is a plant that grows on another plant without directly gaining any nourishment from it (the host).

What can our Lawn Pest Specialists do to stop Spanish Moss from taking over your trees?

Spanish Moss Spraying

One of the most effective ways to thoroughly eliminate the most Spanish moss is through a copper sulphate application. This application will travel throughout the entire mass. We limit treatments to the size of large Dogwood trees, approximately 40 feet. Large establishments of Spanish moss may require several applications.

Services can only be performed in January and February depending upon weather.

Did You Know:

  • A large amount of Spanish moss on a tree can smother small and even larger limbs.
  • Spanish moss is home to other pests like redbugs.
  • The University of Florida stated it should be removed from citrus and Crepe Myrtles, as it can be come too much for the tree and suffocate it.
  • Spanish moss does nothing good for hosts – it uses it and gives nothing back in return.

math factMath fact: One pound of Spanish moss can hold 2 pounds or more of rainwater, becoming 3 pounds or more.

If a tree has a total of 500 dry pounds of Spanish moss hanging from it, once it rains it will become 1,500 pounds of excess weight that your tree now has to support. Couple that with the strength of wind, thunderstorms and hurricanes – it’s no wonder your tree can suffer significant amounts of damage when dealing with Spanish moss.

It only makes sense to thin or remove Spanish moss from your landscape –
start by pulling it out of branches …

Have us take care of it for you and call Maryanne in our Lawn Department today to
schedule January service at (386) 362-BUGS.

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