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Don’t wait until it’s too late – in North Florida, Springtime plants will soon be in bloom, and tiny little weeds thrive on the same environment!

Instead of allowing those weeds to sink their roots into the ground, just ask Live Oak Pest Control, Inc.’s Lawn Specialist to handle the job!

Pre-emergent herbicides kill very young weed seedlings as soon as a seed pops and the initial tiny root comes in contact with the soil, so the herbicide must be “in place” prior to weed seed germination. Weeds seeds begin to germinate when air and soil temperatures are around 65 degrees for several consecutive days in early Spring.

Pre-emergent herbicides control annual grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and some sedge varieties in North Florida such as Crabgrass, Knotweed, Purslane, and Sandbur.

Caution must be used when applying pre-emergents. Damage can be done to existing turfgrass roots if applied in excessive amounts. Also, timing is a key factor, and in most cases, 2-3 applications are needed to gain effective control and provide a longer residual to control heavy infestations of weed seeds. The timing and longer residual of pre-emergents will help control the amount of weeds that occur later in the summer months.

If you are not sure what kind of weeds are in your lawn, call Live Oak Pest Control Inc.  We can identify the problem and a program can be created to best suit your weed control needs!

Now is the time to apply Pre-emergent herbicides to control Spring and Summer weeds!  Call our office today at (386) 362-3887 for a free estimate!

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