What can we say about the Super Bowl? At the very least, it’s the one football game that determines the NFL

It’s an all-time American favorite – having these annual get-togethers and devouring the most delicious and fatty foods, yelling at the TV, wearing your team jersey’s and best of all, coming together to watch some of the funniest and best commercials of the year.

“Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial holiday in the United States says John Marshall where families and friends gather to watch the big game, the over-the-top commercials and big-name musical acts at halftime.”

Pests have made lasting impressions on the Super Bowl by being added into these expensive commercials that we wait all year to watch. Here are just a few of our favorite!

2009 Coca-Cola “Heist”


2011 Volkswagen Beetle


2012 Doritos “Crazy Bugs”


2012 Chevy Sonic “Joy Ride”


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