There are lots of North Central Florida pests that are a year-round concern such as bed bugs however there are certain bugs that are known as “occasional invaders” that only become a problem during certain times of year – mainly Fall. They become a problem because they gather in large numbers and can enter your home.

The list of Occasional Invaders includes:

boxelder bug occasional invaders lopc

Boxelder Bugs

First appear during late summer. They are black with red stripes and can hibernate between walls during cold months. When crushed or disturbed, produce a foul smell.

palmetto bug occasional invaders lopc

Palmetto Bugs

Largest of the roach family, averaging 4 centimeters long. They’re found inside especially after it rains and they come inside in search of food and water. You can often find them around your garbage can. Palmetto bugs are American Cockroaches.

brown marmorated stink bug occasional invader lopc

Stink Bugs

Appear in summer and fall and have a shield shape. Common colors are green and brown. They become pests when they enter dwellings for warmth and get their name from the foul odor they release used as a defense mechanism.

millipedes occasional invaders lopc


Long, narrow insect that have two legs on each body segment. They’ll curl up when threatened and generally found in large numbers inside of homes.

centipede occasional invaders lopc


Long, narrow insects with long legs that eat other insects. When squished they can leave a stain on some materials.

scorpions occasional invaders lopc


Varies in color from yellowish brown to tan with 4 pairs of legs and a set of pinchers.

earwig occasional invaders lopc


The clippers on their back is what identifies this pest. They primarily lurk around in dark corners and crevices of structures.

Don’t let these Occasional Invaders take over your home this fall!
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Spotting an occasional centipede crawling on the floor is common – just remember the safety of your children, pets and family is your #1 concern. If you’re experiencing an influx of occasional invaders, call our Pest Specialists today!

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