a mouse in the house?Autumn has arrived and the temperatures are dropping in North Central Florida. The cooler air is encouraging mice (which are active during the winter months) to invade your home. Since rodents are warm blooded mammals they tend to seek shelter in warm dry homes and are looking for food in a warm place with the intention of giving birth. Each year in the U.S. rodents cause upwards of $1 billion in damage to homes and buildings.

Symptoms of Rodents

Since most mice and rats are only active at night and not seen during the day, it is very important to recognize the signs of rodent activity.

Symtoms of Mice Include:

  • Urine smell and droppings present
  • Gnawed or chewed objects
  • Pathways & rub marks
  • Odd sounds at night

If you have mice in your home, make sure food is properly stored and sealed away from where mice can’t get to it. If you have pets inside your home, make sure you clean around their food and water bowls daily, checking for spills that may attract a rodent.

More Information:

Since mice, rats and other rodents carry many different diseases such as Bubonic Plague, Hantavirus, Typhus and pose other serious health risks, it is very important to keep them under control. There are 30 diseases known to make humans sick that mice carry according to the CDC medical report. Parasites such as ticks and fleas transmit these diseases by feeding on rodents, then later biting humans.

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