Now that we’re settling into spring and we’re starting to accomplish our spring cleaning list it’s important to hit pest hot spots
around your home to help keep pests at bay this spring.

In addition to your normal cleaning list, add the following to help prevent pests from entering your home this spring.

spring clean kitchen to keep pests at bay

The Kitchen:

Your kitchen is a free, all you can eat buffet for pests!

Common Invaders: Ants | Roaches | Flies | Beetles | Rodents | Moths | Most other pests

What To do:

  • Remove all items from cabinets and pantry.
    Go through each item and discard if stale, out of date or simply won’t use.
  • Wipe down inside of cabinets and re-line with new shelf paper.
  • Vacuum behind appliances.
  • Clean the counters and mop floors.
  • Eliminate all moisture sources.
  • Fix or repair leaky pipes and faucets.

spring clean bathroom to keep pests at bay

The Bathroom:

Your bathroom is magnet for pests as some are attracted to moisture.

Common Invaders: Roaches | Silverfish | Ants

What To Do:

  • Eliminate all moisture sources. Try a moisture eliminating product as well – you’ll be surprised how fast it accumulates water.
    Roaches & silverfish are attracted to moisture.
  • Wash shower curtain & liner.
  • Clean medicine cabinet & under sink – discarding old items.
  • Check under the sink, around the toilet & tub for leaky pipes and faucets.
    Repair if problems are found.

spring clean outdoor living spaces to keep pests at bay

Outdoor Living Space:

You just don’t want any pests in your entertainment spaces… outdoor garbage cans are like a 5-star meal to pests – make sure they’re sealed tight.

Common Invaders: Termites | Mosquitoes | Biting Insects | Roaches | Rodents | Lawn Pests | Fleas

What To Do:

  • Repair fascia & rotted shingles
  • Clean gutters & downspouts
  • Repair ripped screens & weather-stripping
  • Repair lose mortar
  • Trim bushes & branches away from buildings
  • Remove rotted tree stumps
  • Keep mulch at least 15” from foundation

Don’t let pests take over your living space this spring!
Inquire about a pest control plan that fits your needs today, give us a call (386) 362-BUGS.

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