Live Oak Pest Control has been serving Live Oak and surrounding counties for over 45 years with the latest pest control products and techniques. Our Pest and Customer Service Specialists are all friendly and professionally trained – exceeding state requirements. Our reputation for quality and service is well-known throughout North Central Florida.

Why do customers throughout 14 North Central Florida counties
choose us?

Our customers continue to choose us and refer us to their neighbors and friends because of our commitment to excellence. We’re not only committed to keeping your home and business pest free but we get to know you like

  • We’re accessible:
    This doesn’t just mean our large service area covering 14 Florida counties. We return
    your call the same day and we try our best to return your email the same day too.
  • We’re available:
    It’s not a problem if you need an appointment the same day you call.
  • We’re courteous:
    We believe everyone should be greeted with a warm, friendly smile and “hello.”
  • We’re understanding:
    If something is against our policy we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs by
    contacting one of our supervisors for a second opinion.
  • We’re accountable:
    We’ll take care of your needs and any problems that arise, let you know what we’re
    going to do to solve them and see through it.
  • We’re adaptable:
    We know every situation is different and your needs are constantly changing so we
    do our best to exceed your expectations, every time.


A local family owned & operated business since 1972

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