Now is the Time to Fertilize! | Spring 2016

Spring is just around the corner! Your lawn and ornamental plants are coming out of dormancy and
now is the time to give them the proper nutrients for a lush, green lawn this spring.

Why fertilize your lawn for spring?

Fertilizers are designed to make your lawn green, healthy and looking its best, therefore a spring fertilizing is essential. Regular fertilization will lead you to a pest free lawn that is less likely to suffer from insect, weed and disease problems when regularly fertilized. Add benefits include a thicker, healthier lawn that will help reduce erosion, filter pollutants and provide cooler, cleaner air.

What do my plants and turfgrass require to grow at their very best?

For turf and plants to grow at their best, they need:

  • Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen: receives from air and water
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (a.k.a. potash): the three macronutrients found in packaged fertilizers
  • Sulfur, calcium, and magnesium: secondary nutrients
  • Boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc: micronutrients

The nutrients needed in the largest quantity by grass and plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.

How do I choose a fertilizer and when do I apply it?

Choosing the proper fertilizer can often be a difficult and time consuming task. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when choosing a fertilizer. Things that have to be taken into account are the time of year, type of grass, any existing lawn or pest problems and how often. All fertilizer applications should be applied according to UF/IFAS and FDEP guidelines (in which Live Oak Pest Control adheres to).

Grass grows from March through September and early October in north central Florida. Lawns should be fertilized between a minimum of two and up to six times each year when the grass is actively growing and based on your desired level of maintenance. Do not fertilize your lawn when your grass is not actively growing in the winter months.

What type of lawn management program should I be using?

Live Oak Pest Control’s highly trained Lawn Care Specialists will assist in determining the best fertilizer mixture and course of action for your lawn throughout the year. During each visit we’ll determine if there are any other lawn pest weed issues. If we discover anything problems we will determine the best solution and discuss the options with you. View our lawn care services program now.

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